Web Design

Creating a bespoke website that is unique to your brand is key to encouraging your customers to explore and experience everything that your online presence has to offer. At Zeemo, we pride ourselves on our customweb design solutions, that engage your audience with a functional and attractive appearance. With over 17 years’ experience, our in-house team of designers and developers will craft a future-focused website that is tailored to your brand and needs.

Creating an attractive online presence

Complementory Colour Scheme

We work with you to design a colour scheme across your whole website that is both fashionable and in-line with your business and marketing material - allowing you to put your best foot forward.

Graphics that Work

A picture tells a thousand words, which is why we custom design or photograph easy to understand graphics that offer your potential customers an insight into your brand and products or services.

Engaging Experiences

Forming the backbone of any website design, creating engaging experiences is the focus of every aspect of your new site. After an in-depth analysis of your brand and your goals, we undertake a detailed planning period coupled with a smart design process to craft user experience that is second to none – and we think the results speak for themselves. Your website will attract and hold the attention of your potential customers, allowing them to respond to your calls-to-action and take the next step toward working with your brand.

Their experience is impacted by a range of factors, including the layout, ease of navigation, content presentation and accessibility. It’s also critical that your site is adapted to mobile use – these days we access the internet on our mobile phones, tablets and desktops throughout the day. We recognise that your customers use different technology, and the websites that we design are a reflection of that. In fact, if your site isn’t responsive, major search engines will penalise it by moving it further down it’s rankings.

Online Shopping

As we transition away from traditional bricks and mortar store fronts, it’s important that our websites do too – if you want to reach new customers at all hours of the day, then an eCommerce platform is critical for translating searches into sales. We’re skilled and experienced in implementing Magento shopping carts into our designs, allowing your customers to make purchases when they need your products, rather than between business hours.  We can design attractive and easy to use online booking forms, order management and promotional discounts – allowing you to take advantage of everything that a well-put together and professional e-commerce platform has to offer.



Why is attractive design necessary?

We understand that people often prioritise function over form, but when designing a website, it’s critical that you strike a balance between the two. Even with the most well-written content and the highest quality products and services, if your site doesn’t meet your customers standards, then they won’t remain on your page. As the leading web designers in the region, we can create a well presented and easy to navigate site, featuring attractive graphics and content that is easy to skim read.