Digital Strategy & Planning

Creating an effective digital strategy is critical to the success of your marketing efforts and your online presence in general. In understanding your business and goals, planning can be undertaken to help you reach new heights – we work with you to uncover what needs to be implemented, improved, or completely redesigned. This is the first stage in all projects we work on, and we continue to adjust and reflect on our plans as your business grows.  

Designed for you

Continuous Assessment

One of the most important parts of any digital strategy is ensuring it has the flexibility to change over time - as we implement campaigns, real-time results allow us to know what works best for you.

Custom Strategy

All businesses are unique, which is why we only create custom strategies. This way, we can offer you a pathway that is designed for maximum success within your industry and your goals.

Assess your Organisation

The first step in creating a digital strategy that is unique to your business, is understanding the ins and outs of your company and your goals. Once we know what you’re trying to achieve – be it increase customer retention, gain more leads, or expand your customer base – we can develop your websites and communications around these goals.

We also spend time researching your market, as your industry will likely be new to us! We take time to learn more about your competition, and the aspects of their campaigns that are successful – this way, we know exactly what your potential customers do and don’t respond to. We can also ensure your digital presence makes a statement, rather than blending in with the rest of your industry. Your audience should be engaged as well as informed, which is why we value creating experiences, not just messages.

Choosing your Platforms

Each business is unique, which is why it’s critical that we uncover the strategy that will deliver the best outcomes for you. In order to reach your customers in a way that matters to them whilst reflecting your brand and marketing message, we work with you to choose the digital actions and platforms that will offer the best chance of success. This can be a combination of a range of communications, from redesigning your website to launching an Instagram based advertising campaign. 

Monitor your progress

Once we’ve chosen the unique combination of actions and communications that are designed to help your business grow, it’s critical that we continue to monitor the results as the strategy is implemented. From the very first blog post or targeted SEO key word, tracking the progress will allow us to see which interactions are helping your business grow. In this way, we can continue to shape the strategy and make changes as we work toward your success.



What parts of my project are based on my strategy?

All of them! When we’re planning your strategy, we look at each aspect of your business, including your online presence, traditional branding, and marketing methods (both online and traditional) to design a strategy that is unique to your organisation and targeted toward your success. Everything that we undertake is done in a manner that is in line with your new strategy – no matter how big or small the action.