Digital Marketing

Once you have a brand-new website that you’re ready to share with the world, it’s important that your brand is seen by the people who matter! As the experts in digital marketing, we can help you reach your audience in a range of targeted ways – we ensure you use the combination of methods that are best suited to both your business and your potential customers.  

Using your platform

Online Presence

Gone are the days of pamphlet dropping - you can reach far more people through targeted campaigns across social media, with mobile first responsiveness that allows them to be viewed anywhere.


Cut down on costs and increase visability by replacing traditional printed marketing material with an online version instead! Complete with clickable links and attractive graphics, they are an excellent choice.

Content and Optimisation

At Zeemo, we believe search engine optimisation (SEO) and copywriting go hand in hand – which is why we work with you to created interesting and informative content that your customers will appreciate, and will improve your google ratings. Wondering how it’s done? By using carefully selected local SEO key words within your content, improve your ranking on google when people search for a specific phrase. This means your customers are more likely to find your website whilst looking for the services or products that you offer, and allowing the potential to increase your leads in the process. Unfortunately, if your website isn’t on the first page of the major search engines, then the chances are your competitors will be.

Social Media Campaign

Social media forms a key part of our day-to-day lives, which is why advertising via our favourite platforms makes so much sense! Creating a social media strategy is critical to growing your client base – after all, if your customers don’t know your business exists, how will they be able to invest in your products or services? We work with you to develop a strategy that is best suited to your company and customers, managing or providing the skills needed to manage your relevant platforms. With content that reflects your brand, you can build connections that would otherwise have been unavailable to you.


Whether you’re capturing images for your website or for your digital marketing, attractive images are an excellent way to tell your customers more about yourself. Our in-house photographer is skilled in capturing the essence of your business, allowing you to put your best foot forward with professional and clean imagery. From in-situ photos of your workplace to staff profiles and product photography, whatever you’re looking for, we can ensure the end result is exactly what you’re looking for. And as the saying goes: a picture speaks a thousand words.


Regardless of the digital marketing methods you’re using, analytics is critical to measure and track your growth. We can monitor every aspect of your digital campaign, tracking the clicks and conversions, so you can see what methods work best for you. Whether you’re trying your hand at social media marketing or you’ve invested in pay-per-click (PPC) key words, analytics will allow you to view the effects in real time and adjust your approach as needed. With this tool, we can make informed decisions about the direction of your marketing campaign and implement the methods that are offering the highest chance of success.


Why should I use a range of different methods? 

You want to make sure you attract as many customers as you can, and they all use the internet in different ways. Even if your demographic is young people on social media, using a purely Instagram based campaign won’t allow you to reach potential customers through google, and vice versa. We will assess your goals and target audience and create a digital marketing strategy that is unique to your business – this way you have the building blocks for success at your fingertips.