Do you have an ecommerce website that isn’t offering the results you’ve been hopping for? If don’t think your site is performing the way it should, then this may be the result of a serious design flaw – though it can be hard to pick up on if you don’t know what you should be looking for.  In this guide, we take a look at the top five most common mistakes that your website may be suffering from.

Lack of Value Proposition

This is one of the primary things that determines whether or not your customers read on or close the tab – it’s your main reason why potential clients should by from you and not your competition. It refers to your number one selling point, the feature that sets your business out from the crowd. You want this piece of information front and centre, otherwise visitors to your website will take their business elsewhere.

Poor Product Descriptions

Once your potential customers have found the product that believe will meet their needs, it’s important that the product descriptions are thorough and focused – this will allow the customer to be sure that it’s the right choice for them. Depending on the item you’re selling, these descriptions may be comprised mainly of text, with one or two photos, whilst others may be primarily graphics. For instance, when buying a phone, specifications are critical, and when buying a photograph or print, close ups of the image and in-situ photos are far more important.

Ineffective Visuals

As we mentioned above, there are certain products that rely on images to ensure they properly represented. If poor quality photos are used here, this can result in customers immediately turning away from your brand. Whilst the ideal way to sell a product is by placing it in the hands of your customers, a high-quality image is via the internet is critical in online shopping. The photography should be crystal clear, and action shots are always helpful, allowing the customer to see how it would look in their homes or when they’re wearing it.

Not Following Design Rules

Customers have fast become used to ecommerce websites behaving in a certain way, and if your site doesn’t follow these design laws, then your clients may become confused and ultimately shop elsewhere. For instance, it’s a generally accepted fact that if text is in a different colour, then it’s likely a hyperlink. Another rule that is worth paying attention to is Fitt’s Law – it states that the eye is drawn to larger items, which makes them more clickable. For that reason, the most important elements should be the largest, and colour accents should be used to help them stand out from the background.

Whilst these tips and tricks don’t guarantee more sales, they are in place to help customers feel more comfortable navigating and purchasing from your e-commerce website. Once they are confident that you’re a site they can trust, they will feel more inclined to make a purchase. A professional and well-designed website can have a huge impact on your online sales, which is why we recommend partnering with our team today. 

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