Zeemo is an Australian owned digital agency that is focused on delivering engaging online experiences to our clients that are specific to their wants and needs. We aim to connect businesses from all industries with the online world and have worked with clients from many backgrounds to date.

Likes: We have found that we like a lot of things starting with the letter ‘c’ – creativity, chatting, challenges, cameras, chocolate and cuppas to name a few!

Dislikes: We don’t like making promises we cannot keep, spelling and grammar mistakes, using big technical words or hackers!

We have been in operation since 2002, so we have over 10 years industry experience and an extensive portfolio to match. For all these years, we have been committed to providing the A-Z of online solutions and have added a number of services to our repertoire to ensure that this rings true.

We believe that every business is unique and that a successful online presence requires a tailored solution that meets your specific needs. We also believe in keeping our customers happy, which is why our services offer unprecedented value and are of the highest quality.

Zeemo employs an expert team, each of whom is vastly experienced in their respective field and committed to providing their very best to each project.